A “fairy tale” for Hamar

I thought about the possibility of a “light” intervention project on Stortorget. It could be an urban action… perhaps I started from painting the surface of the square with figures of animals, as happens in Natzca, Peru. Hence my idea of ​​three more “domestic” figures: a cat, a snake and a moose. The…Continue reading

Two low cost proposals for Stortorget | Silvia Schiaulini

Dreamhamar is an enriching experience. I had the opportunity to speculate about the design of a big public space situated 2095 km from my home. Together with Ethel and Paco, Hazem, Sara, Susana, Fabrizio, Matias,…Continue reading

a proposal for stortoget by hazem adel

It has been nearly a month since we started this experience .it is a wonderful experience that is still going on as we are working on the proposals and may even continue after that as…Continue reading

DREAMHAMAR/Proposals for Stortorget by Politecnico di Milano


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