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Fast chandges

1.Pomegranate center and 581 people from different communities  worked to build 5 gathering places in the greater Seattle area in six and half weeks. These gathering places were conceptualized, designed and built by the public with the leadership of Pomegranate…Continue reading

Go Play Outside

The possibilities of making urban culture more fun and energetic is an important task that needs to be well-conceived in order to take affect on the community. The project presented by Bruno Taylor is a good…Continue reading

reserve space for change and celebrate the informal

This project by DUS architects is about occupying vacant lots in the urban environment for use as informal communal spaces. There is a need for a trigger in these spaces to transform them from dereliction…Continue reading

Burnside Skatepark

Burnside is one of the most famous skate parks in the world. The city of Portland, Oregon banned skating in streets in the 90’s forcing skaters to leave the city center. A group of skaters…Continue reading

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