Sorry, no Hamar Experience today

Dear all, There will be no Hamar Experience today. Don’t miss us too much! Hamar Experience 20 will have to wait until next Monday. By then, we will be well rested and eager to share…Continue reading

Hamar Experience 18 | Playhamar takes Stortorget!

In no time Hamar Experience 18 will be on your screens, so this will be a short post. Come with Belinda and chat about dreamhamar’s latest events and developments. We have one more week of…Continue reading

Hamar Experience 14

Hamar Experience 17th | We the people of Hamar

We are going to do something new today at 18h on Hamar Experience . We are going to broadcast in Norwegian. After almost 20 Hamar Experiences and a workshop about PEOPLE , we felt it was the right…Continue reading

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