Fast chandges

1.Pomegranate center and 581 people from different communities  worked to build 5 gathering places in the greater Seattle area in six and half weeks. These gathering places were conceptualized, designed and built by the public with the leadership of Pomegranate Center.

Summer Mainstreet Alley Project – over 75 people volunteered over 1.200 hours

Mercer Island Early Learning Garden – over 60 people volunteered over 900 hours  

Hunter tree farm gathering place  – over 200 people volunteered 3.200 hours

132nd Square Park Gathering Place  – over 175 people volunteered 1.700 hours

Factoria Outdoor Gathering Place

2. Public reaction on one installation.

3. Vienna – artistic interventions in public spaces “Keep your eyes open and you will see a piece of art on almost every corner”



Student from University of Limerick – Jelena Stepanovic