Synthesis of the Tactical Urbanism workshop

A post report by Ethel Baraona and Paco González , directors of Tactical Urbanism workshop. The work we have done for the process of networking in the Tactical Urbanism workshop was as facilitators . That means we had designed an…Continue reading

SITUATIONS & COLLECTIVE SENSE | a proposal by Matias Lecoq

As the days progress, we ask about democracy, its application and prospects in our society. His animation, as to the participation of citizens in political life, is also defined as a major topic of concern….Continue reading

Nomadism vs network design //Some unorganized thoughts

Before finishing my proposal I wanted to share with you some” unorganized thoughts” – we already talked a little bit about it in the last hangout- but having 2 diff experiences during the last month…Continue reading

Random reflections about an Architecture of Participation | a proposal by Sara Armento

click to enlarge image I had never though that an online workshop could be so exciting. First at all I found very useful the “tag approach” because it offered a new way…Continue reading

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