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Toscana in Cartellone . Project shared by Agatka Participation and network design thinking “Participation is a word that has been used a lot lately. What does this word mean today after it has been turned into a cliché…Continue reading

Tactical Urbanism | Session 01

A dialogue with public space. Source: Paul Isakson On our past session of the workshop Tactical Urbanism we have exchanged some case studies, material and information about the concept we’re working, the use of digital tools to…Continue reading

About Tactical Urbanism

A post by Ethel Baraona and Paco Gonzalez . Folly for a Flyover. Source tac·ti·cal adj: \tak-ti-kl\ 1. of or relating to small-scale actions serving a larger purpose who: you what: change where: the city when: now how: do it yourself*…Continue reading

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