SITUATIONS & COLLECTIVE SENSE | a proposal by Matias Lecoq

As the days progress, we ask about democracy, its application and prospects in our society. His animation, as to the participation of citizens in political life, is also defined as a major topic of concern. We need participation to form a society in adaptation to the people living in it, out of a technocratic regime where “managers” are the leaders of a democracy that is held in a voting paper that few support ; to develop mechanisms, such deliberation or advice, that would become, without participation, mere objects of desire of researchers or political utopians.
Participation in political life thus becomes essential for all democratic development that suggests the idea of living together. Is an essential quality of a community policy and assimilate to the degree to which democracy satisfy political life and help to self-realization (Fishman). However, political participation through a difficult time and it’s that’s why participation need news forms.
To this end, urban planning, for his contemporary relationship with participation in the sense that many urban projects involve citizen consultation, must also develop new forms of participation. And Dreamhamar is a very good example.

We are in a triangular design between Ecosistema Urbano, online participants and citizens of Hamar. In my opinion, this is a pattern that makes fuller participation as it responds to quantity and quality challenges of participation which are related. It’s a way to integrate people who want to get involved in the project and may make additional proposals through the variety of their profiles and their concerns. And integration of new technology is also in this direction (ease and speed of information, online and interactive participation, etc.). As a result, I enjoyed the continuation of this participatory design proposed in tactical urbanism’s blog (by Silvia) through terminals located on Stortorget, but this should be just the beginning: architectural practice, urbanism, must “make every citizen an actor involved itself in the construction of situations, that is to be involved in the development of moments of life, both singular and collective, to create atmospheres or games transients” (Simay).

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