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Two low cost proposals for Stortorget | Silvia Schiaulini

Dreamhamar is an enriching experience. I had the opportunity to speculate about the design of a big public space situated 2095 km from my home. Together with Ethel and Paco, Hazem, Sara, Susana, Fabrizio, Matias,…Continue reading

Stortorget design | sketched ideas

Coming back to Stortorget practical proposals, I made some consideration starting from on Antonella Agnoli considerations on public space (via Sara Armento). The first characteristic to consider is the dimensions of the public space. We have…Continue reading

We need to puzzle something out!

Here we are at the last week of online workshop.  Sara and Agata in their last posts give us their point of view in relation to the other participants ideas. I’ve found that very useful…Continue reading

Tag Love & Comfort | Considerations

          #1 Participation is like love.* If it doesn’t touch your needs, you’re not really involved. At the beginning, it was like teenagers. Love at the first sight, destiny, nothing else to live…Continue reading

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