Stortorget design | sketched ideas

Coming back to Stortorget practical proposals, I made some consideration starting from on Antonella Agnoli considerations on public space (via Sara Armento).

The first characteristic to consider is the dimensions of the public space. We have talk a lot in our last session about the green ring structure and I completely agree with it, above all with Sara concept of the big hug! This will permit the square to have a more human dimension, avoiding to feel a sense of dismay, and will not disturb the vertical view axis that goes from the church to the lake.

The second characteristic is legibility, the capability of the square elements to immediately communicate their function. Using common urban furniture will avoid communication mistake but at the same time it will not bring a lot of freshness to the square. I thought about using common benches but in huge quantity or huge dimensions.


The third characteristic is variety. A big square could be a place that respond to different users need: adults, children and young people. The could be a jam of different functions, place where to sit and read, places for sun-bath, playground, skate friendly areas, and little stages for musician or speakers’ corner. Modular furniture could respond to different functions and if mobile could be arrange to encourage meeting and socialisation. This characteristic has been a lot investigated in public furniture.


Comfort in Hamar is an already discussed topic, but it could also refer to the seasonal strategy proposed by Ecosistema Urbano. I’m thinking about using snow meting system to create warm seats and path during winter. I’ve found Hazem proposal very interesting in this direction, changing topography in relation to seasonal sun presence.


What about security: maybe Hamar inhabitants don’t feel it as a problem but as a certainty. This make me think about a possible installation using headlights and motion sensors.