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Random reflections about an Architecture of Participation | a proposal by Sara Armento

click to enlarge image I had never though that an online workshop could be so exciting. First at all I found very useful the “tag approach” because it offered a new way…Continue reading


I think that one of the greatest thing of this online workshop is the no-stop brainstorming through daily posts, so before to develop others proposals for Stortorget I decided to revise all the reflections made…Continue reading


I ended the last post with the purpose to find some meaningful stories reflecting the identity of Hamar and Stortorget square in order to transform them into design language. I think this is a kind…Continue reading

Proposal for Stortorget #01

I noticed that one of the problem of the square is the difficulty to see the lake and the landscape because of the Bazar building. So I thought that this disadvantage could be resolved by…Continue reading

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