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Nomadism vs network design //Some unorganized thoughts

Before finishing my proposal I wanted to share with you some” unorganized thoughts” – we already talked a little bit about it in the last hangout- but having 2 diff experiences during the last month…Continue reading

a proposal for stortoget by hazem adel

It has been nearly a month since we started this experience .it is a wonderful experience that is still going on as we are working on the proposals and may even continue after that as…Continue reading

EL SAWY CULTURAL WHEEL // tactical urbanism in cairo

photo by Alaa Ali Eddin “from an abandoned space underneath a car bridge to a successful cultural hub” in our last session paco and ethel showed us some of the projects and ideas shared by all the participants…Continue reading


The main idea is to  capture more sun and decrease shadows in winter as people love to sit in the sun so by making a draft model to calculate the average solar radition in winter…Continue reading

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