a proposal for stortoget by hazem adel

It has been nearly a month since we started this experience .it is a wonderful experience that is still going on as we are working on the proposals and may even continue after that as we are connected through social media , for me I learned alot of new things and met people from different backgrounds . I liked  the network design process and this continues brainstorming    and I think its a very good way to propose some “out of the box” ideas as we are already foreigners which is already  a benefit as francesco  -i think- was saying.

AS for my proposal :

Continuing on the solar analysis diagram I tried to distribute activities in the square ,the center which is sunny all year is going to be the main focus point (the more busiest point zone) then making a changeable terrain so it could be used as interactive seating where people could change and  a place for kids to play with ,and could be used as seating to watch movies (art shows …..etc ) on the surrounding buildings facades ,so no obstacles such as trees in the cone of view.a part of this zone could be used as 2 levels to add some curiosity and provide more lake view (could use nets or tensigrity )

Area near the cultural building could be used as an extension for it as a place for open art galleries and performances

The area around the bazaar building could be the natural part of the square (the greener part) as its near the lake ,something like greenhamar

Using snow melting systems to cover some seating with snow this make it higher to catch more sunlight and change the square form winter to summer

Bicycle friendly passages enter the square to divide it to these zones