Ansgar Ole Olsen

I am a sculptor and craft artist, working mainly with metals. Before I started my artistic career I worked for 6 years in a ship yard, welding big ships. This background has influenced my artistic…Continue reading

Kari Oline Øverseth

Since 1989 I have been a ceramic artist and a part time art-teacher. I have had schoolbag projects in Østre Toten kommune since 1996 ( then called “ The bridge and the blue horse”. The…Continue reading

Kathrine Berg

Hopes and wishes: I hope this project will bring out some good ideas for the art project at Stortorget. That the youths will show us their wishes for how their experiences of the square. What…Continue reading

1292 students

          Above is our summary of 1292 very creative students in Hamar kommune. Here you can see the pattern created by the most common suggestions from all the…Continue reading

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