Kari Oline Øverseth

Since 1989 I have been a ceramic artist and a part time art-teacher. I have had schoolbag projects in Østre Toten kommune since 1996 ( then called “ The bridge and the blue horse”. The topics for the different projects have been: “ Iron age ceramics”,

“The sculpture-bag”, “Art in public places”, and my last one: “ One day of Colour”.
In the project “Art in public places” the children in 6th grade were introduced to the regulations and organization of public art in Norway. Then the children were able to make their own ideas for public art in models of school-buildings. The methodology I used for this projects will form the basis for the workshop at Hamar.

All involved pupils and their teachers will be informed about the intensions of the project DreamHamar before I enter the scene. I will meet the pupils and their teachers when they have already developed an idea. After they have introduced their ideas and suggestions, I will introduce different ways of making their idea visual, 2 – or 3 -dimensional. It is important that the presentation the make is comprehensive for anyone who sees it. My role here is to support their best idea, and ask questions to help them in the realization of the idea. Here I need to improvise, since I have not introduced the topics, or the working methods.

Expectation of the project
My role here is to inspire and encourage the pupils, to help them reach their goal in visualization of their idea. My personal artistic methods of working in developing art for public places will be the background for my guidance.


Date of birth: 08.05.60.
Place of birth: Toten, Norway

Highline comm. College, Wash. U.S.A. ; glassblowing 1979
National College of Art and Design, Oslo Norway, 1983-87
Practical Training for vocational teachers, Høgskolen i Hedmark, 2004

Solo Exhibitions:
“Polarities in Porcelain”, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, N, 1997
“Polarities in Porcelain”, Oppland Regional Art Centre, Lillehammer, N, 1998
Buskerud Regional Art Centre, Drammen, N., 1999
“Porcelain”, Sogn og Fjordane Regional Art Centre, Førde, N.,2000
“Transformed”, Format Gallery, Oslo, N. 2001
«Ceramic objects», Galleri Fjordheim, Biri, N, 2005
«Keramentikk», Fabrikken, Lillehammer, N 200
”Agroesthetics” Kunstbanken, Hedmark Kunstnersenter, Hamar,N, 2011
Annual Exhibition of Art Crafts; 1986,92,93,95,97,98,99

International Group Exhibitions:
Oslo International Ceramic Symposium,”Porsgrund-Porcelain”, Gallery U2, Oslo, 1999
Oslo International Ceramic Symposium, “Glass “, Vigelandsmuseet,Oslo, N.1990
“Contemporary Norwegian Crafts”, Tokyo, Yokohama, Japan 1993
“Norwegian Conteporary Ceramics”, Arti et Amicitiae Gallery, Amsterdam, 1999
“Crowns and Roses- The Living Traditions of Norwegian Folk Costumes”;
Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, 1999
Museum of Applied Art, Riga, Latvia. M.K. Cuirlionis National Museum of Art-M. Zilnskas Art Gallery, Kaunas, Litauen. The Estonian National Museum, Tartu, Estland. The Art Museum of Estonia – Kadriorg Palace, Tallin, Estland, 2001
Tyne and Wear Museum, Discovery Museum, Newcastle, England, 1999
«Norwegian days in Valmiera», Latvia, 2003
«Norwegian Highlights», Galerie de Compagnie, Dordrecht, Nederland, 2003
«Sculptural Ceramics», St. Joseph Galerie, Leeuwarden, Nederland,2008
Group Exhibitions in Norway:
More than 30 exhibitions in different parts of the country

The West Norway Museum of Applied Art, Bergen,N. 1992,1998
Norwegian Council of Culture, 1993,1998
The Oslo Museum of Applied Art. 1992.1997
Her Majesty The Queen Sonja, 1992
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1999
London Contemporary Art; «Radiance II, Brilliance of the Seas» 2002

Oppland Mental Hospital. N, 1992
Fagernes Coaching Inn, N, 1994
Skreia Junior College,N, 2001
Ajer Junior College, N., 2001
Fjellvoll Senior Citizen Centre, Østre Toten N. 2004
Brumunddal Highschool, Ringsaker kommune, 2008

The National Scholarship for Young Artists , 1989
The Oppland County Scholarship for Artists, 1995
The National 3 Year Scholarship for Artists, 2000 – 2002

Website: www.karioline.no