Kathrine Berg

Hopes and wishes:
I hope this project will bring out some good ideas for the art project at Stortorget. That the youths will show us their wishes for how their experiences of the square.

What is important for a meeting place, how they move and relax, their behavior.

My contribution for the schoolbag project will be as an adviser and to inspire and develope the youths projects. I will advise them to how to work with space, lights, materials, nature, size, energi , experiences and mind, etc. How we together will se the possibilities to look for the heart of Hamar. I am curiouse and hope we shall bring in the water and some poetry:-)

As i have worked with public comissions for many years I always start with an analyses of the situation. Then I ask myself what I will add for the experience of the space. Most of my work is indoors, only the latest is outside and in nature. So this will be a new experience.


Kathrine Berg
Gina Harboesv 28,
2312 Ottestad

Born: 1966

Education: Norsk kunsthandverksskule, Voss
Statens Håndverks og Kunstindustriskole, institutt for metall

Since then I have worked as an artist with light and sculpture, most for public comission. I have done art projects  for several schools, a nursing home,  hospital, swimbath, restaurant, house of culture, cruiseship and now the latest work is for  a small forest beside a school  near Trondheim. This light project will be finished this autumn.

I have showed my  lights objects in galleries in Hamar, Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Kristiansand, Arvika, Munchen etc.

I work as an adviser and consulent for public comissions. I have recived scholarships for my work and also been collected by public collections. I have been project leader for  design workshops.

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