How to make pizza, network design style

Image by Seth W. (Flickr) _ I remember when Francesco Cingolani first tried to explain me what network design was. I remember looking puzzled. I remember going home wondering why two simple words had to combine in a concept so...Continue reading

EU is in Hamar! | First impressions on Monday’s Hamar Experience

_ image  by EKSidley (Flickr) This week has been very exciting for dreamhamar . On Monday Belinda (@ belindatato ) shared with us the last Hamar Experience from Madrid, where Jaime Eizaguirre (@ eiza ) did a great job...Continue reading

Creating local nodes | come and meet with us!

image based on a photo by cesarharada (flickr) Are you an active member of Hamar local community? Do you spend your afternoons at the local sport clubs? Do you dream about transforming your city?...Continue reading

Ecosistema Urbano moves to Hamar | The Done Manifesto

_ image  by  James Provost (Flickr) Let me tell you a secret: Ecosistema Urbano is a believer, and it is trying to convert dreamhamar to the cult. Don’t panic, it is not a sect with weird outfits and strage rituals. Our...Continue reading

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