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What Hamar can learn from Warsaw? | a post by Joanna Mikulska

Segment-People Republic of Poland for beginners, an intervention on Warsaw This is a post originally written by Joanna Mikulska, a young Polish Cultural Animator living in Hamar, Norway. We met Joanna during  creamhamar ,…Continue reading

On polar bears and fountains | The Cultural Rucksack exhibition

Image by Jorge Toledo Tomorrow, Wednesday the 19th 0f October at 18h, the opening of the Cultural Rucksack exhibition will take place at the Kunstbanken in Hamar, curated by Katherine Berg. The exhibition will show the work that 32 groups of students from…Continue reading

Barefoot on the square | ACTIVITIES workshop II with Elger Blitz, CARVE

It’s not about the square itself, but about the people that brings live to it. Yesterday’s workshop was a great sight for the eye and the heart. Elger Blitz ( CARVE , NL), an architect…Continue reading

Drømmer for Hamar

Read the English version of the text here… For to måneder siden flyttet Belinda Tato og jeg til Hamar for å implementere deltagelsesprosjektet drømhamar. I forkant av flyttingen, jobbet jeg sammen med resten av Ecosistema Urbano-teamet…Continue reading

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