OPENING EVENT | dreamhamar’s official launch


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In a few days starts dreamhamar´s three-month long participation phase of workshops, lectures and model building where residents are invited to dream and to discuss the future of Stortorget, and it is marked with a big opening party Saturday, September the 17th at 2:00 pm !

During the participation phase you have the opportunity to participate in cooperation with local and international participants, and you can start already Saturday! Residents of Hamar and Hedmark are invited together with artists, urban planners, architects and academics to take part in a unique network design process with the intention to redesign Stortorget in Hamar.

We are so happy to have the great Spanish graffiti group Boamistura that will make an unique artistic intervention on Stortorget, and you are welcome to take part in their work on the opening event Saturday. 5 artists will be working on the square the days before, so please drop by to follow the process.

We will present you to the upcoming on-site workshops with the topics Tecnology, Activities, People, Environment and Sesonal Strategy, and the online workshops Tactical Urbanism and Public Space and Peple.

You will find an exhibitions of the preliminary phase and the Cultural Rucksack project with the work of 1292 pupils from 9 elementary schools and 3 high schools in the Basar building.

If you would like to contribute to the opening event, please don´t hecitate to contact us. Remember, Stortorget is your arena!

More surprises are coming up, so follow us on to stay updated, and make sure you are not missing the opening event at Stortorget the upcoming Saturday the 17 th !

See you at Stortorget upcoming Saturday?