How to transform ideas into action ? | Participation profiles

As you probably already know, dreamhamar is all about participation; it is designed to allow a manifold ways and levels of participating, digitally and physically, anonymously and publically, individually and collectively etc.


It sounds complex, we are aware of that. Thus, i order to make things a bit simpler, we draw the pyramid above. It is an easier way to explain the different ways of participating in the project. Your level of engagement is up to you!

OBSERVER – the ‘lightest’ level of engagement, an observer who watches de process by accidentally reading about it on newspapers and magazines, watching it online, browsing the website from time to time, or just comes by the physical lab and picks up a postcard about dreamhamar.

FOLLOWER – by subscribing to, watching hamarexperience every Monday, coming to the physical lab during information sessions, following dreamhamar on facebook, twitter or Flickr. Choose your favourite way of getting the latest information and follow the project!

CELEBRATOR / COMMENTER – dreamhamar got under your skin! There is something you need to do about it but you don’t know what it is. If you live in Hamar you can join the party and celebrate with us the opening event, come to a lecture or even initiate an open event. These various means allows you to tell people around you what you really think about the project while listening to their personal view. If you are far away, you can write a letter to the physical lab, comment in the blog’s posts and chat with us during the weekly hamarexperience.

WORKSHOPPER – you know what to do! By now you are actively engaged in the process you are now a dreamhamar full contributor! If you are resident of the Hamar community you can share and develop your ideas during theonsite workshops. If you are anywhere else in the world you can register on the online workshops and participate on the project from distance.

CREATIVE GUEST / COMMUNITY ACTIVATORSdesigners, thinkers, professors, experts and researchers of any subject / area are welcome to participate and bring their knowledge and expertise to enrich the process and interact with the participants. Leading on-site and online workshops, conducting lectures and building mock-ups, the creative guests will share their view and interpretation of dreamhamar also base upon the collective database developed through the workshops.

CURATORecosistema urbano is the coordinator of the project (local lab team + digital lab team), working closely with the Hamar Kommune.

SPONSORS – A very special participation profile. We have a budget for the activities and events that will take place on Stortorget. Some things we can do with that budget, some things we would like to do but will not be able to without a little help from companies and local small businesses. Participate and become dreamhamar sponsor!

So, pick up the profile you fit in best, and start creating the new Stortorget Square.