Sorry, no Hamar Experience today

Dear all, There will be no Hamar Experience today. Don’t miss us too much! Hamar Experience 20 will have to wait until next Monday. By then, we will be well rested and eager to share...Continue reading


3. desember kl.11.00 -13.00 i Hamar Rådhus Definitivt siste sjanse for innbyggerne i Hamar for å delta på et drømhamarverksted. Verkstedet blir ledet av en ung, polsk kulturanimatør som nå bor på Hamar; Joanna Mikulska....Continue reading

Harvard visits dreamhamar | Meet Jeffrey Schnapp

Jeffrey Schnapp is the founder and faculty director of Metalab(at)Harvard a research unit dedicated to innovation and experimentation in the arts, media and humanities. He will be in Hamar on the 1st of December for...Continue reading

Get ready for this weeked. Get ready for Lighthamar

It is cold and dark outside. Those are the downfalls of winter time. On the other hand, Christmas is coming. Last week a hundred kids came to Stortorget to play, make new friends and get...Continue reading

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