Get ready for this weeked. Get ready for Lighthamar

It is cold and dark outside. Those are the downfalls of winter time. On the other hand, Christmas is coming. Last week a hundred kids came to Stortorget to play, make new friends and get a new toy. It almost felt like Christmas. One thing was missing, thought, the lights!

So, for December 3rd dreamhamar has prepared something very special – and very Christmas like, lighthamar.

Don’t try to guess it, really. It’s better to hear it from Victor Diaz & Sergio Galán from Uncoded collective, and Guillermo Casado, from Fitzmedia. These three gentlemen are unique artists specialized in unconventional installations.

Q: Who are Victor Diaz, Sergio Galán and Guillermo Casado?
We are a joint venture of people with backgrounds in different fields like engineering, Interaction design and science. We are creative engineers, design tinkerers or interactive artists, it’s hard to decide. We like to explore how technology changes public spaces and enhances collaboration between people. We also enjoy seeking new ways of interacting with the digital world, more playful and physical. Our goal is to create products and experiences that amaze and sketch different futures.

Q: Besides the obvious things, like a more confortable life and energy efficiency, what do you think technology can bring to our lives?
We believe there is much more to technology than meets the eye,  for example how it can improve interactivity, playfulness and beauty, values that we are going to explore at the Hamar square.

Q: What are you going to do in Stortorget?
During the first days of December we are going to create an interactive lighting system for Stortorget. What does interactive mean? Whatever we want: We can communicate the lights with the Internet, make them talk with mobile phones, with antennas, with buttons, with bodies. We have lots of ideas, but we are looking forward to hear ideas from the people of Hamar, see what they want to do with a big bunch of floating and freezing electronic lights on Stortorget.

So, this is the challenge.

Q: Why dreamhamar? We know you are very sellective when it comes to work.
When ecosistema urbano contacted us for collaborating in dreamhamar, we saw a lot of participation and exploration happening. It was innovative and refreshing. dreamhamar matches perfectly with the way we understand the design of technology.

Sergio. Victor. Guillermo.