EL SAWY CULTURAL WHEEL // tactical urbanism in cairo

photo by Alaa Ali Eddin

“from an abandoned space underneath a car bridge to a successful cultural hub”

in our last session paco and ethel showed us some of the projects and ideas shared by all the participants , I liked that as it showed me the interconnection between the 4 tags (and also possibilities of sharing and network design and archive )

one of the projects was about a skateboard under a bridge Burnside shared by Javier Burón and the uni of limerick which is kinda similar to “el sakia cultural wheel” which is found under a car bridge in cairo
so i thought to share this project with u as an example for tactical urbanism under the tags of storytelling and community and i think could be considered as an activism act .

It is now a place for alot of activities like seminars , awarness campaigns , concerts, workshops, art exhibitions …..etc .

it was established by Mohamed Elsawy in 2003