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It is been a month since Noa Peer and I arrived to temporarily settle in Hamar for the development of the Stortorget project. It has been a hectic period in which we had the opportunity to meet lots of people from different institutions, companies, associations, the Kommune, Hedmark University, The Pearl Initiative, the Nature School, Rucksack project, artists, different political parties,…

A period full of meetings and presentations where we did our best to communicate what dreamhamar is about, the different people engaged, its most important goals, the activities scheduled, etc.

At the Kommune, everyone wants to help and make us feel comfortable, we feel almost ‘at home’ althought we just arrived. Everyone is enthusiastic and we are all putting a lot of energy to make dreamhamar possible.There was also some time for leisure, we have been invited to many dinners and we enjoyed   Norwegian hospitality.We are temporarily working at Hamar Radhuset, and soon we will move into the the Basabyningnen – just in front of Stortorget -, where we are preparing the Physical LAB. For us it is almost like a dream come true. I can still remember the creative sessions back in December, when working on the competition, when we first thought about having the Basabyningnen workshop space… And now it is just being finished! You are welcome to visit us there anytime.

Meanwhile,  the design team – Jose, Jaime, Luisa, Urska, Jorge and our Norwegian colleague Liz Eva – have been working hard in Madrid during the summer to be able to finish the preliminary design. They had the Digital LAB team to keep them company – Domenico, Francesco and Marisa. They have been filling the website with content and coordinating the digital workshops, Hamar Experience – our weekly live online session that takes place every monday at 6.00 pm at dreamhamar.org-, and building up dreamhamar’s digital layer.And it is not a Hamar-Madrid project anymore.

There are different Universities engaged in dreamhamar: Hedmark University College, Politecnico de Milano, Bergen School of Architecture, School of Architecture of Limerick, Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhague, etc… Many different eyes looking at Hamar from different perspectives and sharing with us their ideas and creativity.

We have great expectations for dreamhamar and we really hope people will participate in different ways so that it becomes a memorable experience for them and for the future of Stortorget.

Thanks you all for your support and interest in dreamhamar. I’m looking forward to see you at the opening event on Sept 17th!!!
Belinda Tato
Principal of Ecosistema Urbano