Opening Event | One Month To Go!

May the 17th . That was the date of my first visit to Hamar. As you can notice on the picture above, it was a sunny and busy day. Thousands of people gathered on Stortorget square! What an energy! Later I learned that it was the Norwegian Constitution day, which for Hamar means a day filled with happenings – a beautiful parade of the local schools crossing the city, and a stage right in front of Stortorget for speeches, singing, live music and more.

This year, I would like Stortorget to get as busy as it was for the Constitution day, twice! Why? because on the 17th of September is the official launch of dreamhamar and you are all invited to dream and share your ideas about the square.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Very soon we will start handing out some official invitations for dreaming. We want your dreams on Hamar to come true.

So, you have one month ahead to sleep -or enjoy what’s left of summer. On Saturday the 17th of September it is time to wake up and come to Stortorget Square! Bring your ideas with you, come and meet us and we’ll explain you how to participate in dreamhamar and get your ideas into action.

There will also be some fun. Expect live local music, an exhibition about the 5 topics – more on that soon-, the official presentation of dreamhamar and the upcoming workshops, the preliminary design and a different Stortorget!

September the 17th, at 14:00h is THE day and THE time when you can find out everything about the project. Come and find out how to influence the future of Stortorget!

Oh, and we will also be celebrating our first day on the Physical Lab – the place where all the workshops and exhibitions will take place.