Students’ Proposals | University of Alicante | Communication & Augmented reality

This last series of proposals by the students of Alicante will focus on perception, communication and creation of urban atmospheres, on imagination and augmented reality.

Imag(in)e your home, imag(in)e your Stortorget

Imag(in)e your home, imag(in)e your Stortorget is a project which comes up from the idea of conceiving Stortorget as your home. To achieve this, the space is compartmentalize through home images made of light projections, which, because of their immateriality, are closer to people memories and ideas. The square becomes a place where many situations can occur. Some rooms are designed to allow one to personalize his/her own atmosphere thanks to a website and a image catalog. Besides, people desires can be projected by the images (they imagine scenes or memories through the pictures).

Hamar Sky

This proposal consists of a network of “micro-observatories” spread all over the city, placed in urban voids which could host various kinds of activities. A LED screen would be implemented on each observatory and would show events happening around the other ones. The observatories are networked by four routes addressing specific ways of mobility and activities.
The aim of the project is to increase tourism in Stortorget, to allow visual communication of events and create a spread landmark for the urban fabric of Hamar.

Ride a bike like a firefly

This project concerns the implementation of a particular system of citybikes. Each bike is provided with lights which change colour depending on four different groups of activities (sport, leisure, cultural, commercial). When users choose one of these groups in the dedicated application, the light’s colour will change and events related to this activity group will be shown.
The aim of this proposal is to improve and vitalize Hamar’s light landscape and relate urban activities to a physical visualization of them.

Stortorget Stage

The project “Stortorget stage” aims to overturn activities happening in the surrounding buildings to the center of the square, which would serve as scene container for various events. Different floor levels of buildings would be connected with the middle of Storotorget through a continuous elevated band and through the projection of videos showing the activities going on in different places.