online workshops are over but participants are still working on Hamar!

On October the DIGITAL LAB was a virtual space for creativity ant it was kept very active by the online workshops participants.

If you want to have a look to the non-stop brainstorming of the international community of creatives, or if you want to watch the online sessions, the good news is you each online workshop has its own blog for your enjoyment: for PUBLIC SPACE AND PEOPLE for TACTICAL URBANISM

On November the participants will submit their projects but below you can find a work-in-progress by Sara Armento, an architect from Pescara, Italy. She is developing an excellent example of network design process, focusing her work on how to connect and remix other participants’ ideas. Here are some words from Sara explaining her approach:

“I think that one of the greatest thing of this online workshop is the no-stop brainstorming through daily posts, so before to develop others proposals for Stortorget I decided to revise all the reflections made until now and to summarize their contents with key concepts -of course this approach is totally subjective-. Then I extracted some common concepts and mixed them into several proposals for Stortorget. They are just atmospheres, moods, input, some of them are in contrast…”

Proposal for Stortorget #2 by Sara Armento