dreamhamar workshop at IED Madrid

Some weeks ago ecosistema urbano was invited to coordinate a workshop at Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid (IED), with a group of third year students. This way the IED Madrid joined the dreamhamar academic network, as the main topic for the workshop has been Hamar and Stortorget. The objective of the workshop was to create something real and useful for Hamar. They had to do it from Spain, and they only had 5 days.

Students accepted the challenge and approached the subject in different ways, generating by the end of the week different project presented as websites, strategies or feasible proposals.

The workshop was led by José Luis Vallejo (@jlvmateo) and Jaime Eizaguirre (@eiza).

Here are some of the proposals:

hamar photos, by Indita Karina & Yuan Su

Our aim is to make a website that contains everything about Hamar photos, (a collection of scenery, people, buildings, etc.) and hopefully our website will help make the locals more aware of their city. hamarphotos.tumblr.com

photo source:


connect with madrid (conecta con madrid)

website by Leticia Ximénez Mele & Xi Zhang
photos by Patricia Suitt Fernández-Ceballos & Paula Moral Ortiz de Urbina

go to link: http://conectaconmadridccm-ccm.blogspot.com/

or direct link to flickr gallery: http://www.flickr.com//photos/68874129@N07/show/

Connect with Madrid aims to bring the customs of the squares of Madrid to Norway, mainly Hamar. Do you dare?

(By using Qr codes, pictures and videos of public spaces in Madrid, the students try to show the particular ways of using the squares and streets, as a way to connect Hamar and Madrid. Ironic captions over the pictures point out alternative uses of public space)


the rock & wind battle

by Elena Zuloaga & Ximena Quirós

(This proposal defines a way for creating music events at Stortorget, connecting with the local music scene. By putting together two music bands of opposite styles, wind band + rock band, a new and shocking situation is created, making the event more attractive for citizens. The project is presented as a game with its own set of rules)