Young Thoughts On Art

An inspirational local project: ART AND SOCIETY/ HOW CAN ART AFFECT US?

We would like to share an upcoming project with you that aims to engage the youth of Hamar in thinking about arts and participation. Funded by the Art Council of Norway, Øyvind Olsholt will hold a series of 5 meetings with a group of 15 8th grade students at Kunstbanken, Hamar from November through January 2012.

The purpose of his meetings is to create a dialogue with the participants based on the following topics and questions:

1st meeting 23.11.11: Topic: Art and I, Question: What is art?

2nd meeting 30.11.11: Topic: “Good” and “bad” art, Question: What is “good” art?

3rd meeting 07.12.11: Topic: Public art, Question: Why do we have public art?

4th meeting 14.12.11, Topic: Non-material art, Question: What is non-material art?

5th meeting 04.01.11: Topic: Art and society, Question: How does art affect and influence us?

There will also be a blog for the project edited by Øyvind Olsholt, which will enable the students to communicate actively online. The project will also take place in Akershus and Østfold. At its completeion it will be documented in a booklet entitled “Young thoughts on art”. You can find more information on the Kunstbanken website at a later date.


Øyvind Olsholt (b. 1963) holds a degree in philosophy from the University of Oslo. He has worked with the philosophy for children since 1997. In 2000 he established the company Children and Youth Philosophers ( together with philosopher spouse Ariane Schjelderup, and has since been linked to a number of kindergartens, schools and other institutions on a project basis. Øyvind is co-author of the books of philosophy in the school (1999) and Philosophical conversations in kindergarten – to take children’s thinking seriously (2008).