Norwegian School for Gardeners workshop | Thinking Green Hamar

Yesterday, at 8.00 we started the workshop at Vea School Statens fagskole for gartnere og blomsterdekoratører (Norwegian School for Gardeners), located in the town of Moelv, only 30 min north of Hamar. I fell in love with the surroundings at first sight.

Look at this greenhouse. Plants and trees must be really happy inside.

Students were happy too. And active, and creative.

Together with teachers Gudbrand Kjøs -landscape architect-, Liselott Lindfors– landscape engineer, and Frode Degvold– landscape architect- we started to brainstorm with the 25 students who are enroled into two different programs: Park og Hage (2. and 3. year) and Anleggsgartnertekniker (1. year)
The outcome of the brainstorming was diverse and colourful: From the very natural elements as snow, ice, fire, trees, wood, forest, leaves, water, sand, to more developed concepts of uses and possible programs in the square such as lighting, music, sculpture, art, stargazing, straw bails as playground, skiing, coffee shops, a stage for music, farms and animals, playground, barbecue, mossy stones, and many, many others.

The session was intense and we further developed different ideas about what can be implemented on Friday on Stortoget and how. Yes, Greenhamar is on track…..a lot of production work is to be done, but we hope to have a pleasant Friday installation experience!!!

Don’t forget to come to Stortoget Square on Saturday at 13:00h. You will enjoy yourself!