Don’t Miss A Thing!| Dreamhamar Calendar

Image by Joe Lanman (Flickr)

I know, I know. Day after day we write about the many things that will be going on in Hamar during the next months but we never tell you exactly when or what… Until now.

We are very happy to present you dreamhamar’s Calendar. Scroll down to see the different activities and workshops taking place every month and check the Glossary at the end for definitions – yes, we love pretty and obscure names, don’t we all?

Soon we will add more information. We are also working on making it more visual. But for now it is your means of knowing what is going on in dreamhamar. You have no excuse to miss anything!

And remember, if you are interested in a workshop, just let us know! They are FREE for Hedmark residents (non-residents have to pay a small fee for the online workshops).