A Stortorget Square for everyone? I Creative guest Andres Walliser writes in Hamar Arbeiderblad

Les den norske versjonen her… Around five years ago I was going to start a new project of regeneration in a square in the old centre of Madrid. That summer while I was on holiday I…Continue reading

Velkommen til verksted tirsdag 8. og onsdag 9. november I Mennesker

Du kan fortsatt melde deg på verkstedene i Basarbygningen, og neste ut er Mennesker: Et offentlig rom er det mest demokratiske rommet i en by og tillater alle å ta del i det. Hamars hovedtorg,…Continue reading

EL SAWY CULTURAL WHEEL // tactical urbanism in cairo

photo by Alaa Ali Eddin “from an abandoned space underneath a car bridge to a successful cultural hub” in our last session paco and ethel showed us some of the projects and ideas shared by all the participants…Continue reading

Tactical Urbanism | Online Workshop | network design session 4/4

We meet yesterday on google hangout for the last network design session of Tactical Urbanism Online Workshop. The participants talked about their projects in developing process, which will ended on 3rd of November when they…Continue reading

Tactical Urbanism | Online workshop | open lecture 4/4

“Play the city – Design the process and ensure a great outcome” (DUS archiects) With this quote Ethel Baraona and Paco Gonzalez started the last open lecture of Tactical Urbanism Online workshop. In the last…Continue reading

Participation on Stortorget by Matias Lecoq

(image from EU Booklet) As the days progress, we ask about democracy, its application and prospects in our society. His animation, as to the participation of citizens in political life, is also defined as a…Continue reading

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