Hamar Experience 17th | We the people of Hamar

We are going to do something new today at 18h on Hamar Experience . We are going to broadcast in Norwegian. After almost 20 Hamar Experiences and a workshop about PEOPLE , we felt it was the right…Continue reading

MADE IN HAMAR | a proposal by Eva Alvarez + Carlos Gomez

When we noticed about dreamhamar network design process led by Ecosistema Urbano to rethink Stortorget Square in Hamar (Norway), we knew we wanted to get involved in this project in any possible way… We both…Continue reading

Nomadism vs network design //Some unorganized thoughts

Before finishing my proposal I wanted to share with you some” unorganized thoughts” – we already talked a little bit about it in the last hangout- but having 2 diff experiences during the last month…Continue reading


Although he already had academic experience in workshop, a working couple pursuing specific purposes within a macro project as is Dreamhamar is undoubtedly of great personal and professional enrichment. In these times of great changes…Continue reading

Random reflections about an Architecture of Participation | a proposal by Sara Armento

click to enlarge image I had never though that an online workshop could be so exciting. First at all I found very useful the “tag approach” because it offered a new way…Continue reading

participation – to be continued. a proposal by christian hjelle

the online experience To be part of the digital lab and the online workshop “public space and people” have been a great and interesting experience. Working as an architect and planner, I am accustomed to…Continue reading

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