A Stortorget Square for everyone? I Creative guest Andres Walliser writes in Hamar Arbeiderblad

Les den norske versjonen her… Around five years ago I was going to start a new project of regeneration in a square in the old centre of Madrid. That summer while I was on holiday I…Continue reading

Public Space and People | Online Workshop | open lecture 4/4

Director of Public Space and People Online workshop, sociologist Andres Walliser close this circle of four open lectures with the topic about methodological approach to the participation in public spaces. We want to thank Andres…Continue reading

Public Space and People | Online Workshop | network design session 4/4

This week we meet for the last network design session of Public Space and People online workshop. We have Jose Luis Vallejo with us and participants had last chance to share their thoughts with us…Continue reading

About daily public space

This week we are finishing the online workshop PUBLIC SPACE AND PEOPLE. After these weeks, I have concluded a reflexion on the following aspects is needed: a) Traffic ways -pedestrian and vehicles ones- that is…Continue reading

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