Making a place for culture | Interview with Mocci Ryen, PEOPLE workshops community activator

Public space is all about the PEOPLE using it. It’s very definition – public – assure it’s openness to everyone, without a difference of age or gender, with no need to pay money or to…Continue reading

Vil du delta i Workshops for Stortorget?

Ønsker du å påvirke fremtiden til byen din? Ønsker du å omsette dine idéer til virkelighet? Er svaret ja, er du invitert til å delta i våre workshops for Stortorget. Start 26. september. Disse seminarene/workshopene…Continue reading

dream[in]hamar Workshops | Open and free

– image based on a photo by eyebeam (flickr) Are a you a resident of Hamar? Do you work in Hamar or at the neighbouring communities? Are you interested in sharing and transforming your ideas about the…Continue reading

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