Hamar Experience | Session 5| Forget Your Home, Enjoy The Square!

After listening to  Bjarte Ytre-Arne and  Terje Berg , our guests for Session 5 , you will start dreaming with giant keyboards and WIFI on every public square. And the good news is you can ask for one! As…Continue reading

Hamar Experience Without Ads

There is one thing I know for sure today, and that is that Belinda Tato(@ belindatato ) will not be alone on today’s Hamar Experience . She will be with  Bjarte Ytre-Arne and his friend  Terje Berg . The first will be…Continue reading

Hamar Experience | Session 4| Visit from Hedmark University

Belinda shares with us her week in Hamar. And two very special guests join her, they are both from Hedmark University: Stian Vestby – International Coordinator Dr Jens Haugan – Associate Professor in Norwegian, Musician

dreamhamar introduserer: Hamar experience fra Høyskolen i Hedmark!

_ image by dreamhamar (Flickr) Belinda Tato og Noa Peer (@ belindatato , @ dolceoblio ) har nå vært i Hamar i en uke og dreamhamar er i full gang. I løpet av forrige uke møtte…Continue reading

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