Hamar Experience 12 revisited | Kathrine Berg and the Cultural Rucksack Project

Free WIFI on Stortorget Square, courtesy of Eidvisa , and the official launch of dreamhamar.app were as geeky as Noa Peer went on Hamar Experience 12. dreamhamar.app is a platform for you to express your ideas,…Continue reading

Cultural Rucksack + Art in Public Space invade Hamar Experience 12

Les den norske versjonen her… If next Monday the energy of the young and the inspiration of the muses make a somewhat different Hamar Experience , be not afraid, for it is what happens when you have so…Continue reading

Hamar Experience 11 revisited | Morten, from Hamar, talks about TECHNOLOGY workshop

Thanks to Morten Fridstrøm, a TV producer living in Hamar we shared some laughs during Hamar Experience 11. Morten was not only witty but also very smart and his comments about everyday life in Hamar really hit…Continue reading

Technology workshop on Hamar Experience 11

Last week the TECHNOLOGY workshop took place and Hamar response was even better than expected. We also had a workshop with students from Bergen School of Architecture, who resulted in a free lunch on Stortorget…Continue reading

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