Hamar Experience 17th | We the people of Hamar

We are going to do something new today at 18h on Hamar Experience . We are going to broadcast in Norwegian. After almost 20 Hamar Experiences and a workshop about PEOPLE , we felt it was the right…Continue reading

Hamar Experience 14 | Do you think a mango plantation on Stortorget is good for the environment?

_ By Christoffer H. Nielsen  dreamhamar is focusing on green an environmental matters these days and that includes Hamar Experience 14. Don’t be surprised at the title, it is one of the many possible and…Continue reading

Hamar Experience 13 Revisited | A greener and universal Stortorget Square

Environmental issues and universal design shared Hamar Experience 13 with a summary of ACTIVITIES workshops and lecture. Belinda Tato interviewed Romy Ortiz, urban geographer working at the  Senter for byøkologi  and Toril Monk, from the Stortorget Reference Group. Romy talk…Continue reading

Hamar Experience 13 | Lets get active and green

Belinda Tato will talk about last week  ACTIVITIES WORKSHOP . If you have seen  the pictures , then you already know that the participants had a great time and really enjoyed themselves. As Creative Guest Elger Blitz said, playing…Continue reading

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