HAMAR EXPERIENCE | today’s session postponed

Due to the dramatic recent events in Norway and following the suggestions of some of our Norwegian followers we have decided to cancel the session of HAMAR EXPERIENCE scheduled for today, Monday the 25th of July at 18:00 pm (UTC+2, Norway Time). Our thoughts and sympathies...Continue reading


_ image based on a photo by  Gunnar Bothner-By (Flickr) As Marisa already announced , we would like to invite students, designers and creatives from all over the world to participate in dreamhamar online workshops. The workshops focus on...Continue reading

What is network design methodology?

Image: Creative Networking by Amber Case (Flickr) _ Network design is something everybody will be talking about very soon. Or at least they should. The project dreamhamar is based on network design and we want you to fully understand...Continue reading

Dreamhamar Workshops – A Square To Dream and Work On

_ image above based on “View from the Cathedral tower″ by Jon Kristian Fjellestad (Flickr) Last week we announced the launching of Hamar Experience at livestream.com/dreamhamar . Today, we are happy to share with you the latest news on one of the milestones...Continue reading

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