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1977. Architect, works and researches at, an open studio which works and investigates in architecture, network and city. Architect by the Universidad de Sevilla (2005) and Master of City Management (2008) Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). Consultant profesor and tutor in City and Urban Planning Management, . Founder and partner of and Preferred fellow for: ZEMOS98 Gestión Creativo Cultural, dpr-barcelona, Juan Freire, José Luis de Vicente, Transit Cultura, Ecosistema Urbano, ZZZINC.


_ image from Christoffer’s twitter account We introduce you Christoffer Olavsson Evju, he particepated in this week Onsite Workshop . He and other participants try to develop ideas for activities on Stortorget square in Hamar. We invite you to join us…Continue reading

Tactical Urbanism | Session 00

A post by Ethel Baraona and Paco Gonzalez . The golden heart pavilion is the first community building in Ein Hawd. Source The last week we just had the Tactical Urbanism session 00 , aiming to have an overview of the issues related with the…Continue reading

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