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Dream Your City: Dreamhamar at Venice Biennale of Architecture 2012

DreamHamar at the Venice Biennale 2012

From past August 27th to November 25th, the Venice Biennale of Architecture, titled “Common Ground”, is open to visitors; and so is SpainLab , the Spanish pavilion, in which Ecosistma Urbano was invited to take part…Continue reading

dreamhamar at Re-Architecture exhibition | Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris

The Pavillon de l’Arsenal has invited fifteen European agencies —including Ecosistema Urbano— that question the way that modern-day cities are built to participate in an exhibition that will be opening this wednesday in Paris under…Continue reading

New stools for Stortorget | In place!

the seats at Stortorget

Les den norske versjonen her… The wooden seats from Ungdom i farta Along the past months we wrote about a  carpentry collaboration we have started with the people from Storhamar V.G.S. “Ungdom i farta” school, and the building process of…Continue reading

process update: translating participation | creative meeting in Madrid


Les den norske versjonen her… Last Friday at Ecosistema Urbano we held our usual collective meeting about Dreamhamar, and spent the whole morning sharing knowledge, experiences, points of view and ideas, building a common approach to…Continue reading

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