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dreamhamar on H-A’s net discussion

Les den norske versjonen her… Yesterday we had a very interesting media moment when H-A newspaper gave Belinda Tato the opportunity to participate in H-A’s net discussion. People could send questions to Belinda and get an…Continue reading

Follow the online workshops from the comfort of your forest :)

Online workshops are for you, creative people of the world who don’t live in Norway but want to participate in dreamhamar process. Online sessions are open to everybody: you will be able to watch, listen, interact with…Continue reading


As you know, dreamhamar online workshops are scheduled for the month of October (first sessions next week), but this week we decided to start with an introductory day for TACTICAL URBANISM in order to test connections and technologies we…Continue reading

Can minimalism help with network design?

image above: _ Smile, breathe and go slowly is the subheader of zenhabits blog , one of the top 25 blogs and top 50 websites in the world. Minimalist Leo Babauta, author of the blog, writes about…Continue reading

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