Author Archives: Agata Ruchlewicz-Dzianach

a proposal for stortorget by agata ruchlewicz-dzianach

  My proposal relates closely to my posts which I published during the workshop. As I tried to focus on the aspects which are the most interesting to me and I enriched them with the…Continue reading

participation / extension

I had read the last posts and I wanted to comment some of them. When I started to write down some comments, I realized how they are linked one to another so I decided to…Continue reading

what happens on stortorget between 14h and 15h?

I want to share with you some more images. As earlier, they are taken from the webcams on Stortorget and then layer by layer superimposed one on the another. This kind of transformation, give us…Continue reading

links / layers

Here I would like to present my thoughts after second week of the workshop. This week I was listening five an hour’s sessions from Hamar (the sessions from both workshops and hamar experience on Monday)…Continue reading

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