Students’ Proposals | University of Alicante | Participation & Climate strategy

Les den norske versjonen her…

During the 4 months of on-site activities and urban actions around dreamhamar, a group of students from the University of Alicante worked on their own proposals for improving Stortorget in relation to Hamar’s urban fabric. Students suggested creative solutions at different levels, from ideas for connectivity and mobility to ideas for the activation of people and their participation to Hamar’s public life.

Among many developed topics, the common issue of the proposals we present today is participation and life in public space through the implementation of environmental and climate strategies.


The proposal “StortoRed” combines seasonal strategy with the creation of opportunities for participation.
Coupling a system of spread heating and lighting poles with different participatory initiatives and interactive dispositives, the project aims to create a multi-layered square. Here design, climate solutions, political participation and virtual connections coexist and collaborate.

Hamar is growing up

This project proposes a railway connection of Hamar with the rest of the country, which promotes connections and exchange of seeds. A second aspect of this proposal is the creation of a microclimate through vegetation. Plants would be growing in a greenhouse placed in the middle of the square and continuing up to the facades of the surrounding buildings.


This proposal puts up the legend of Mjøsa’s snake to develop an urban seafront. It relies in creating a continous bench and a closed walking corridor, which goes from the seafront of the lake Mjøsa to Stortorget and provides an artificial comfortable atmosphere. This space aims to become the social, commercial and touristic center for the city of Hamar.