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les den norske versjonen her…

During the 4 months of on-site activities and urban actions around dreamhamar, a group of students from the University of Alicante worked on their own proposals for improving Stortorget in relation to Hamar’s urban fabric. Students suggested creative solutions at different levels, from ideas for connectivity and mobility to ideas for the activation of people and their participation to Hamar’s public life.

Today we present a selection of students’ proposals, whose common issue is connectivity: their strategies regard the creation or improvement of physical, social and visual connections. In forthcoming posts we will be sharing with you the rest of proposals, grouped by approach or main topic.

Change 4×2

This proposal comprises the liberation of Hamar’s city center from the presence of cars, incentives for the use of bikes, a connection of Stortorget with the railway station through a shuttle, and the design of wagons to be placed in the middle of Stortorget as versatile spaces for different activities.
Thanks to these flexible infrastructure and effective changes in mobility, the goal of this proposal is to create a connective network between public spaces, to give Stortorget the potential for new activities, to enhance communication and social connectivity.

Ice City

This is a proposal based on Hamar’s identity and climate. It consists of turning Hamar’s pedestrians into ice-skaters. Roads would became ice-roads, provided with different speed areas, and mobility would function on skates all over the city. This strategy’s goal is to increase and improve the use of public spaces during winter.

Pick me up

This last proposal concerns as well mobility improvements. Its consists of a system of car-sharing and mutual car lifts. Coupling an organized network with leisure facilities placed in the waiting places, parking spaces and meeting spots would turn into public spaces with a high potential for encounters and various activities.
Another point of this proposal is the creation of a visual connection between Stortorget and fishing boats in the lake Mjosa, linking a popular traditional activity with the new activities of the square.