People workshop: The importance of being a hamarsing

Les den norske versjonen her…

People workshops have been full of people – sorry, I couldn’t resist making the joke. Mocci Ryen and Andres Walliser connected with the people from Hamar, the hamarsingen, and together talked about how they feel about this Norwegian town, who they are and how they want to be seen by others.

And of course, about the human condition. We are social creatures after all and even small towns need places for socialization. The truth is, public spaces are like water for small-middle towns, because in small towns people have more power to transform their city. Because sometimes people in small or middle towns feel isolated. Because it is nice to get out of our home knowing that there will always be a familiar face waiting to greet us at the town’s main square.

So this week we’ve been talking about all these things. We will share more details with you on Hamar Experience 17, on Monday 14th, ¬†at 18h.

For now, just look at these pictures. Don’t you wish you had been there?