Carpentry collaboration with “Ungdom i farta” school

This week we had the pleasure of meeting Dagfinn Nettum and Morten F. Rustad, teachers at the Ungdom i farta school (Hamar).

This is a very interesting program that aims to show different professional opportunities to those who do not want to attend the high school in the regular programs. The school provides education in various skills, including carpentry, giving the youngsters the opportunity to try different occupations and test their own skills before deciding how they would like their future to be.

I was very much impressed by the boards they have on a wall. These papers in which they write what their dreams are, what they want to achieve in life. They write this on the top and then at the bottom their actual state, at what point they are now; the space in between will be to write down the different achievements, successes in the following months; all the way to the top!

The teachers support and assist them to make the most out of the track and to help them to really succeed and get where they want to get.

We were very lucky to get to know the school and share our ideas about dreamhamar. They were excited about collaborating with the project, so we started working together right away.

We suggested they could produce the seats for Stortorget; they will be used for the event at December the 3rd and of course they will remain there afterwards as a contribution from the school to the city. Both teachers and students inmediately liked the idea and agreed to work on it.

We worked together with the school and our office at Madrid to find the best looking and most efficient design to make this dream come true, and right now the new wooden furniture is being built by the students at the school’s great workshop. We will soon share with you some pictures of the process and the final design, so stay tuned.

Thanks to Dagfinn, Morten and the students for their enthusiasm!