Les den norske versjonen her…

This week we have the pleasure to host Bergen School of Architecture students with the artist and professor Eva Kun and the architect Gunvor Bakke Kvinlog.

Eva Kun (born in Budapest, Hungary) lives and works in Bergen. She studied at the Art Academy in Warsaw, Poland. Exhibition activities include among others solo exhibitions at Kunstnernes hus (Artists House), Oslo Art Association, Bergen Kunsthall and Evora, Portugal, and group exhibitions at UKS Biennial, Kristiandsand Art Association and the Bergen Art Museum, et al. Kun teaches at Bergen School of Architecture, and during 2011 spring semester she was guest teacher at the University de Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia.

Gunvor Bakke Kvinlog graduated from Bergen School of Architecture in 2011. She studied art and philosophy before architecture. She works as an assistant teacher at Bergen School of Architecture. She has done an internship at Lynch Architects in London.

The students have been asked to find a situation, preferably at Hamar Stortorget or nearby (within a max 2 of min walk), which they consider interesting or challenging. They have to explore the different areas trying to discover, putting into value or framing the qualities and potentials of these spaces. They are asked to use their senses.
The goal is not about making a finished product but about revealing, adding and articulating qualities.

The exercise encourages them to use visual means of expression, but it does not exclude any other form. It is important to be able to develop the work through discussions and reflections. The product is not the aim, is the result of the process what is more important.

From railways noise to meditation space. Different approaches, different tools…  You will have to wait until Friday for the results! On the meanwhile, check out the projects as seen by the students.

Group A
Guro Nå; Pia Grung; Tord Brudvik; Joakim Myklebust
Imagining we were foreigners who just arrived to Hamar, we went around the city to discover places to use. We need to know which qualities the spaces in Hamar already had. We framed different views, made portals and performed actions in space. Tomorrow we’ll confront the qualities identified today with the potential of Stortorget. How can we move surrounding qualities to Stortorget?

Group B
Ann-Sofie Indgul; Marianne Grytten; Ane Oline Finstad
We want to explore visible and invisible borders to give the space a new meaning. Maybe it could it be possible to create a new private place in the public space?

Group C
Gustaf Hedberg; Karianne Sværen; Vigleik Skogerbø; Vegar Valle
We work with the way people leave marks in their surroundings, and how to use those marks to say something about a place. More specifically, we intend to project moving images of people onto fabric-clad frames, mixing the recorded people with the silhouettes of people walking by. We chose a site at the end of the main pedestrian road in Hamar, next to Stortorget. Our installation will consist of the projection at the site, and video recorded of the process and the installation.

Group D1
Aina Telhaug; Håvard Klingsheim; Mattias Josefsson
We are trying to use the frequently passing trains energy and appearence,
to create a stronger identity for this certain passage. introduce new reasons for staying.

Group D2
Gjøran Dørheim; Lise Fadnes; Carl Thomas Egenæs
Fougner Lundhs place is an underused, almost abandoned, square. Our idea is to play out the text from the opening day, and also add our own small stories to be played at the place.
“The man in suit is running to his meeting while talking in his cellphone.
A little child is climbing on the stone while his mom is relaxing on a bench nearby.
A breeze of air is rattling the trees.
A deeply in love, newlywed couple is photographed in front of their friends dressed for the occasion.
A passerby stops up and smiles.
Just another normal day on Fougner Lundhs place”

Group E
Mathilde Rønning; Remi Iversen; Anders Sletten Eide
There is a passageway hidden behind railway forest.
Trying to grasp the border and its dimensions, there is a twilight zone in between. The twilight zone beeing the passage we picked for our project. What can we do here that will force people to reflect on its assets?

Group X
Viktor Svantesson; Alexander Sejnæs; Øyvind Tveit
We are working with the concept of power, which we interpreter to the power of being able to manipulate your public space and also manipulation trough human power. We will do objects that you can change yourself, maybe a bench that in turn activates an umbrella when you sit on it, or a bench that you can change so that it also protects you against wind.