subjective look / participation

I want to share more things that came to my mind when I was thinking about the project of dreamhamar, in fact about one part of it – the participation of inhabitants.

Thinking about it, I remember the project of Vito Acconci – “Blinks” and the text that describes the project perfectly. So probably I do not need to add any additional comment: ‘Holding a camera, aimed away from me and ready to shoot, while walking a continuous line down a city street. Try not a blink. Each time I blink: snap a photo. ‘ I think that it could be a nice experience for a people from Hamar to make it like a kind of game, and also a kind of archive > for example for a kind of a tourist – the virtual tourists like us from online workshops:)

And when I talk about a tourist, I want also to mention an interesting project, of which some time ago I read on a blog by David Helbich. David is exploring the theme of walking in many of his projects. The project, about which I want to write, is called ‘Be a tourist in your own city’ . This is a project-experiment in the form of loose notes of various people. In it you can read the notes, whose authors are proposing a variety of actions, which can all be done in your own town – all of them look at the city from a different, fresh perspective – as a newcomer. The project ‘Be tourist in your own city’ took place for the first time at the festival of Micronomics 2008 in Brussels. I think that consciousness of own surroundings is very important. A small question at the end: Who can list for example the colours in sequence along the street of facades that he/she daily passes?:) It’s all about being a careful observant and on the base of that, being involved into a participatory process.