Hamar Experience 13 | Lets get active and green

Belinda Tato will talk about last week ACTIVITIES WORKSHOP. If you have seen the pictures, then you already know that the participants had a great time and really enjoyed themselves. As Creative Guest Elger Blitz said, playing is good for everybody, regardless of their age.

Our guest today is Romy Ortiz, a human geographer from the University of Bergen. She works in the Centre for Urban Ecology, on environmentally friendly urban development, urban meeting places, and integration issues. And you are right, she is going to be ENVIRONMENT Community Activator for next week. This is what she writes about her role in dreamhamar:

“Come to the workshop, so we can design a square that is human and environmentally friendly!”

If you don’t feel like surfing dreamhamar.org, this is your best shot at getting the latest news on what’s going on in Stortorget Square! (and you can revisit Hamar Experiences here)

See you today, Monday 17th, at 18:00 on dreamhamar.org!!