Hamar Experience 11 revisited | Morten, from Hamar, talks about TECHNOLOGY workshop

Thanks to Morten Fridstrøm, a TV producer living in Hamar we shared some laughs during Hamar Experience 11. Morten was not only witty but also very smart and his comments about everyday life in Hamar really hit the spot.

To bring some visual to Morten’s insight, Belinda showed some pictures. My personal faves are those of the cow, having lunch on Stortorget, being petted and getting lots of love and attention.

The Student’s from Bergen School of Architecture did an amazing job organizing this free lunch – creamhamar is the official name. Sounds familiar? They had the idea and planned almost everything during their visit to the Physical LAB. Belinda wrote about it, and the post is worth reading!

One of the things Morten helped us realize is that Hamar’s people live far away from the city center. They are busy people and value their time. We understood that coming downtown to a workshop in the middle of the week is not very attractive compared to having a nice quite dinner at home, or to just sit down on the couch and watch TV.

However, the TV will be there tomorrow. Dreamhamar will be over in 2 months. This is the time to let us know how you want Hamar to be. Is time to step out of your comfort zone and share 3 evenings with your neighbours and rediscover your city. I think it may surprise you.